Macros and Ingredients

Lean Beef Bulgogi- NEW

lean ground beef, homemade bulgogi sauce,Olive oil, steamed rice & sauté veggies (cabbage & carrots). A side of Kimchi

CAL 464 - P 40g - C 35g - F 21g

Butternut Squash Pasta With Sage and Italian Sausage (GF)- NEW

made with Gluten-free penne pasta, mixed with our homemade butternut squash sauce ( butternut squash, tomato paste, fresh herbs, heavy cream, olive oil ). Topped with Italian sausage and crispy sage.

CAL 440- P 24g - C 52g - F 19g


Red Wine Roast Beef- NEW

USDA CHOICE beef chuck roast, slow-cooked with red wine, olive oil, tomato paste and fresh herbs. Served with your choice of base and roasted veggies: carrots and asparagus.

CAL 489 - P 45 g - C 41g - F 11g


Creamy Tortellini Soup- NEW

3 cheese tortellini, carrots, olive oil, onions, mushroom, kale, heavy cream, parmesan , fresh basil, and homemade chicken broth.


Blackened Shrimp w/ Quinoa Salad- NEW

large shrimp  coated with blackened seasoning, placed on a bed of southern quinoa salad ( quinoa, black beans, cilantro, corn and cherry tomatoes). Side of avocado lime sauce.

CAL 316 - P 15 g - C 36g - F 13g

Mediterranean Flatbread- NEW

this flatbread is made with artisan flatbread and covered with a garlic spread base. Then topped sliced olives, artichoke hearts, onions and  roasted pepper. Sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.

CAL 368 - P 25 g - C 28g - F 14g


Teriyaki Beef Burger- NEW

USDA Choice lean ground burger patty, less sodium in house teriyaki sauce. Served with your choice of base and topped with a sliced of pineapple and asian veggie medley.

CAL 413- P 35g - C 43g - F 11g

Honey Gochugang Chicken - NEW

Chicken breast, homemade korean honey gochugang sauce, steamed rice, baked broccolini .

 Tiramisu Overnight Oats- NEW

Organic oats, almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, espresso, whipped greek yogurt with honey. Topped with cacao powder.

CAL 284- P 20g - C 31.8g - F 4g


Matcha Protein Donut- NEW

Gluten-free flour, organic eggs, olive oil, maple syrup, Organic Matcha powder. Coated with organic white chocolate and matcha drizzle.

Per donut* CAL 137- P 7g - C 20g - F 4g